Follow these steps for proper installation on a G Series Porsche.

Make sure to unplug the battery cables before starting to work on the replacement of your steering wheel. This is especially important when working on cars fitted with airbags.

1 - Set your steering wheel is traight to make sure everything is aligned when installing your new wheel. Pull the OEM horn button taking care of the cable connected to it. Remove it gently since it will be used to connect the new horn button.

2 - Use a 27 mm wrench with extension to get to the main nut holding the steering wheel in place and pull it out. Note the nut sits on a spring washer.

3 - Place your original steering wheel face down on a flat and clean surface and proceed to remove the three screws that hold the horn connector plate and signal turn return in place.

4 - Take the horn connector plate and install it in the Tactico hub. The hub comes with three new screws to fix the horn plate. Take note of the position of the turning signal return, it needs to be in the right place for it to work properly.

5 - Place your Tactico hub in the steering column and replace the spring washer and nut.

6 - Set the horn button holding plate and put the wheel on top taking care of the position so the wheel is centered. Use the six bolts and Allen wrench that have been provided with your wheel for the final set up.

7 - Connect the cable to the horn button, push it in and finally reconnect the battery cable.

8 - You are ready to enjoy driving with your new Tactico steering wheel!