About Us

Tactico Racing Atelier

In 2016 Gus approached Rod with a seemingly small problem, finding a wheel that would properly fit his '86 911. Over the next few months, they both learned that was a common problem not only to them but other drivers.

With that in mind, we embarked on a quest for a proper solution and a few months later we produced our first wheel. It all started with friends and people in our car community however the word got out and that's how we decided to launch the brand. Since then our community continues to expand as well as collaborations with great graphic and industrial designers. We invite you to be part of this ride!

Tactico Racing Atelier


Our commitment to the community, and to you.

Tactico Racing Atelier is committed to the community of car enthusiasts. As car lovers, we are doing our best to bring quality products to life so you can enjoy your precious ride to the max. Welcome to the trip!

Contact Info

Direct your questions at sales@tactico-ra.com or give us a call at +32 470 08 33 77.