The Viceroy is Here!

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Next orders of Viceroy will start shipping on June 18th, 2021

Handmade pieces by Italian artisans...

What our customers are saying

Well, I'm very impressed! The wheel has transformed how the car feels to drive, the slightly smaller diameter and thumb positions really suit the car and make it feel a bit more sporty.  The wheel was easy to install and I wasn't expecting the resistors for the airbag to be included, that was a nice addition and shows an attention to detail.
I'm going to suggest Tactico to other Porsche owners. I have never done anything like this before but I'm very impressed with the quality, price and your customer service

P. Taylor - 1992 Porsche 968

How are you guys?

Just to say a "thank you" as the wheel and boss have arrived today!

The quality is beautiful and the whole wheel looks superb. Thank you very much!

Paul Cowland - 1982 911 Flatnose Project

I received my awesome new wheel today. It looks really good!

I was about to buy another wheel when I saw your wheels on Instagram. I thought it looked really good and more exciting than the wheel I was considering so I went for it and I don't regret it!

You look like you are relatively new in the business and I wish you all the luck with your fine products and your excellent personal and professional buying experience!

Mikkel B - 1975 911S